So, as most of you are probably aware, I LOVE Instagram! I really enjoy having a creative output in life and setting up my pictures in the best light and with the best props that I can find.

I’ve been asked by a few of you about how I set up my pictures so I thought I’d explain what I do! I hope it helps.

Background : My background is an old cheap book that fell apart – I just took the pages and glued them to a big piece of cardboard. I used to lay them out each time on the carpet but it was time consuming and I kept crinkling them up.

Theme : I stick to a white/ floral/rustic theme. I also like to display my pictures in a circular fashion! I try not to vary away from this too much as the lovely Sarah @newleafwriter told me that a good account is one where you know who the pictures belong to straight away when you see them. I’ve tried to keep this in mind!

Props : I have lots of props that match the theme (above) and ensure I have fresh flowers in the house at all times.I keep all of my props in one wicker basket and my Harry Potter props in my wooden potions box. This way I don’t have to constantly search for things. My bookmarks are all kept in various beautiful mugs and other little props (magnetic bookmarks / buttons / badges / scrabble tiles / stickers etc) are all kept in a storage container! My main like is my fairy lights with shredded paper over the top. I love the way the lights come through the paper in my pictures.

Books : My books are organised by colour. I guess this makes it easier to take pretty pictures as I don’t need to worry too much about keeping the picture coordinated.. it just happens!

Organisation: I write the pictures I need to take for my daily challenges down in a notebook. Then I just work my way through them. I also write down any other ideas I get for cool pictures so that I can take these as and when I come to them.

Light : At the minute (being Spring), the light isn’t too much of a problem. I take my pictures in the path of a bright window and sometimes have the spotlights on above if it is a little gloomy outside. In the winter I have the spotlights and 2 reading lamps directed above the picture board.

Filter: I don’t use the Instagram filters, I just use the ‘chrome’ filter on my iPhone. This gives the pictures a warm and cosy glow (in my opinion of course)

If you think of anything else I should add, let me know!