The Marble Collector – Cecelia Ahern

Cecelia Ahern is a magical writer. I’ve always loved her stories, right from the first time I read P.S. I Love You. I did like this book, but either I read it far too slowly or it didn’t quite have the same kick her normal books do. There’s always a mystery behind a C.A novel and this is no different, but the mystery and the thrill isn’t quite as big as it would normally be.

By no means is this a bad book; it still has the class and magic you’d expect, but it just lacked a little bit of oomph. I ended up just feeling sad for both of the main characters and found there was a little bit too much detail about marbles. I ended up skim reading chunks just because I wasn’t interested in the intricacy of them.

I’d still recommend the book to any C.A fan, just wasn’t up there with her best.



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