From the Wreckage Trilogy – Michele G Miller

I may be sitting on a train right now with just my phone, kindle and iPad for entertainment but I have to write about the trilogy I have just finished before the magic of it leaves my words. 

So there I am with my new kindle for Christmas, searching for free books (downloading anything that looks remotely interesting) and onto my kindle goes ‘From the Wreckage’ by Michele G Miller. I was apprehensive at the start as anyone who knows me will tell you how scared of natural disasters I am; seeing as this book is bed around a tornado and its aftermath, I did pretty well!

I immediately fell in love with Jules and her poetic image although meeting the other main character, West, didn’t go quite as well. After a few chapters however, I fell head over heels in love with West and his love for Jules. 

By the end of book I was convinced; I was simply and irrevocably in love with Jules and West’s love story. I finished the entire trilogy in 3 days. Yes you have to pay for the second and third books, but seeing as I spent barely over £4 on all 3, I can’t even describe how good value for money it was! 

Without a shadow of a doubt this is my new favourite trilogy and OTP and I won’t be forgetting about Jules and West for a long long time. Michele has spoke of her desire to release stand alone books about some of the minor characters in more detail and I’ve downloaded Danica’s story ready to read as I continue my long train journey home. 

Be sure to check out West’s POV released by Michele in January! 

‘Sometimes happy endings take time’



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