Ketchup Clouds by Annabel Pitcher

“I won’t say anything that will make it impossible for you to move on. I won’t tell you how much I love you, or how scared I am of being without you, or how I need to hide away from everyone because no one will ever compare to you… I will simply let you go.”

Ketchup clouds is a story about falling in love in an unconditional way. About falling in love with someone you shouldn’t. About those heart-stopping moments when you gaze across the room and see the person of your dreams, just standing there.

Annabel Pitcher perfectly captures the essence of young love in this impeccably written story about lust, love and loss. ‘Zoe’s’ trauma is revealed through letters to an inmate on death row, almost at the end of his life. Despite an overprotective Mother, Zoe manages to attract the attention of the opposite sex. This story follows her developing relationship(s) and examines the issues from falling in love with the wrong person.

‘So long, Bird Girl,’ he whispered, changing the emphasis to stress the first word. 

‘So long,’ I agreed, because a life without him would be.”



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